Sunday, January 5, 2014

Otis by Phil Porte (RazhoR)

Toy Architects is proud to represent a new Hamster custom made by Phil Porte aka RazhoR.
Phil grew up in the Midwest reading Marvel comics and watching the iconic hack and slash films of the 80s.  He possessed a myriad of art related jobs such as desktop publisher, combat photographer, t-shirt designer and printer and mural artist.  
The artwork of RazhoR has shifted more toward sculpting and customizing designer toys, but he still loves drawing his favorite Marvel characters. Phil works in clay, silicone and resin to sculpt, mold and cast original sculpts, costume pieces or bits for customs.  
As you can see Otis made of a DIY Cavy the Hamster comes out fantastically. In addition to this fine artwork Phil cought a picture of Otis on canvas, as well!
Thank you so much, Phil!

Please have a look more of Phil´s sites to get an idea of this great artist

You can follow RazhoR on Twitter via

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