Sunday, November 21, 2010

Charity Hamster for Andy Heng

In October unexpected news reached us. Founder of Andy Heng, one of the most famous blogger in toy-busyness was taken to hospital in cause of a minor stroke.

The health system in Singapore isn´t the same like in Europe and health insurances only pays part of your treatment. UK based toy-designer Cris rose reacted immediately and relaunched

Together with many artists Toyarchitects take part in the charity work and produced a special "ToysRevil edition" of Cavy the Urban Hamster for . The figure is limited to 10 pieces worldwide and the whole benefit of the first 3 Hamsters and 30% of each additional figure of this style is used directly to support the hospital treatment of Andy Heng. The Recently solds and the more than friendly feedbacks like the one from Vinyl Destination, South Africa let us decide to even spend the whole of 5 sold Ham´s for the man who supported each toy of us since our launch.

If you are interested in donating or getting involved, check out where Cris Rose has set up a site for charity to support Andy´s treatment

You can also check out the ToysREvil facebook page for more updates.

If you havn´t got your hand on one of these little guys yet you maybe catch one of the last ones now :) urbanhamster — Cavy the Ham-Ster TOYSREVIL CHARITY EDITION / ToyArchitects . Please keep on donating to support Andy´s healing as good as possible.
The very best wishes to you and your family. Get well soon, Andy!