Sunday, June 13, 2010

Urban Hamster custom preview by Gareth Lancaster

I´m very glad for being able to show you a brandnew sneak preview of a custom Urban Hamster made by Gareth Lancaster from Derbyshire, United Kingdom.

The art of Gareth combines patterns and meanders with shiny colors and metalic accents. Gareth is also known as moopf on twitter.

Following some of his latest customs like the Munny "Alfredo" shown at or Custom Dunny – Finkle with bright gold and bronze painting. And don´t forget the fabulous sketchobot custom on the character of Steve Talkowski

You can follow moopf at and have a look into his artwork at Please also have a look at moopf on

Looking forward for the finish or some inbetweens, thank you very much Gareth for your preview!

If you also want to give it a try please send us your ideas for a customed Urban Hamster or get your hands on your own Cavy at