Sunday, March 4, 2012


Toyarchitects and my little Son Linus (3 years) are proud to be part of a great Charity - Show, started on March 1st in San Francisco.

This March is the one-year anniversary of the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan. While Kokoro Studio’s founder, Keiko, steps out on maternity leave, Jeremy Brautman (age 35) and Super Cooper Berella (age 12) are going in and covering the walls with art by kids and the grownups who love them.

The theme of EARTH MOVEMENT is nature’s powerful forces: sometimes awesome and sometimes devastating. There are many ways the earth moves: it spins, it shines, it shakes, it quakes… How does the earth move YOU?
The show features artwork by emerging solo artists, kids in collaboration with established artists (who happen to also be their parents, uncles, aunts and neighbors) and a few special friends. Please see the artist list here.
EARTH MOVEMENT opened for preview at Kokoro Studio in San Francisco on Thursday, March 1st at 7PM. There will be an official art opening reception featuring artists, curators and refreshments on Saturday, March 3rd.

One year ago last March, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck Japan. It claimed the lives of more than 15,000 people, triggered nuclear accidents and moved earth on its axis. Just 3 months before it was even a seismic blip, 7 artists journeyed from Japan to San Francisco to be part of an art event called LOVE MOVEMENT. Shin Tanaka and Nao Shimojo conceived of the show, I curated it, and Cooper attended it. When the Japanese artists had to go home, we’d all become good friends. Nobody knew they were returning to one of the biggest natural disasters in history.

We´re taking part with three pieces of artwork. Each one a drawing on canvas and one grassy figure - special of Cavy the Hamster and one which comes out the first time. He´s called Süpacemen Linus and was once an experiment beeing developed together with Cavy the Hamster.

Linus drew three pictures when we where doing the work for the show. When I had the idea to combine them with some figures I first thought of Cavy. To make it more individual It should be one with fixed and one with articulated arms and... then I thought of activating the spaceman as the third figure. The pictures with figures are called "My litte World I - III", by Linus and Papa. Each figure comes in a special Box with a picture of the painting an has a little Tag with one of the pictures it belongs to.

Much Love and thanks for the invitation to the Curators Jeremy Brautman and Super Cooper Berella and thanks so much to Kokoro Studio and Keiko.

Visit the show while you can or have a look at these sites:

to see the whole artwork and support the benefit of the movement.
Happy birthday Jeremy :)

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