Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Toyarchitects and Cavy the Hamster thank you for your fantastic support in 2011!

We travelled to great places this year. Toy Architects is proud of being invited to the second art show at Munky King Gallery in Los Angeles, curated by Cooper Berella (aka SuperCooper), and to Toy Art Gallery‘s first Open Call Resin Juried Toy Show back in june.

Originally made for my little son Linus as one of his first playtoys, Cavy met some awesome people this year. Some of them are twelve years old and curate their own art-shows like Cooper Berelle . Some of them can already be called true friends like Jeremy Brautman who supported the first launch of this little guy and even made some wonders happen in 2011. There´s Andy Heng who went through hard times this year and nevertheless discovers any toy-happening. And John Stokes as one of our first supporters ever. Thanks so much to you all!

Thanks go out to Jeremy Brautman, Spanky Stokes, Hello Vinyl, ToysRevil, Toyartgallery, Vinylabuse, Brokerockers, Munky-King-Gallery, Customtoyunion, Collect 3D Trampt, Bananasuicida, Tomopop, Battlegrip, Sina, Vinylpulse Plasticandplush, vinyl-creep, thunderchunky, sweetoy, collect for announcing anything new around the Urban Hamsters and thank you to Johnny Berella and Steve Talkowski for a great Christmas surprise!

Cavy traveled to, Los Angeles, New York, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico, Great Britain , Indonesia, San Francisco, Irland, Wayne County, and Czech Republic and maybe to you, too. … so, the biggest thanks to all friends, consumers, customers and artists in the world for your support and love!

Merry Christmas, may God be with you and a happy New Year to all of you!

Thank you so much


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