Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hamster Custom by Vanessa Ramirez

Today a Hamster customized as a mouse or rat reaches us. This great work is done by Vanessa Ramirez. Vanessa is a Graphic Designer, Artist, and Jack-of-all-trades. She is currently based out of sunny Southern California. She spent the last ten years learning the ins and outs of the screen printing business and has since branched out to the promotional products field.

She currently oversees the Graphic Design Department at SafeHaven Products. For fun she likes to learn new programs, juggle freelance projects, and consume mass quantities of caffeine. She is currently accepting freelance projects and looks forward to hearing from you.

As Vanessa sais her DIY Hamster lost one arm so she decided to
remove both and customze it. A

Thank you very much Vanessa!
A great work!

You can follow Vanessa via twitter on and make sure to have had a look at her Homepage on