Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cozy Cavy Robots by Cozyrobot

Urban Hamsters go colaborating with Amybean´s Cozy Robots!
The bay area artist also known as cozyrobot via twitter handmade a tag-team of Hamaster and plush-robot by using the same pattern. The result is an awesome set supported by both cozyrobot and toyarchitects. Even noticed by wellknown journalist Jeremy Brautman the team teams up on Neon Monster´s blog at

"I use my very own Iterative Soft Toy Development Methodology (ISTDM) as well as the newer Frequent Small Releases Methodology (FSRM). The plush doll is made of fleece stuffed with polyfiber and, having no loose parts, is perfect for a newborn or toddler, or collector of hand made softies. The matching Urban Hamster(tm) is your friend, who watches Life from the relative safety of your Collectibles Shelf." is how Amy describes her work.

Amy’s got 6 recruits for the Cozy Cavy Robot Army attired and ready for cozybattle. Each one-of-a-kind matching set is $60 only on etsy. Oh, and if you want to DIY a hamster, you´ll get them here.

Please make sure to visit Amy´s Homepage on and follow her via .

Thank you Amy for this outstanding idea and great work!

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