Monday, May 10, 2010

Spankystokes Contest followup

Do you remember the contest on in March? Claudia NG and Daniel Yu both won with their Ideas to custom an UrbanHamster as "Rusty Robot" and a "Croshatch-Panda". Finally both customs are finished.

While the rusty robot was rather easy to do, the crosshatched Panda took some time. I was trying many pencils and ways to fix the paint on the white priming coat.

Secondly it was new to me to create even two characters to a toy which didn´t have eyes till now.

Both Hamsters will be sent to the winners in addition of one DIY-style figure. I hope Daniel and Claudia would also enjoy coloring their own customs which i can hopefully show you very soon.

Thanks go out to JeremyBrautman and John Stokes for supporting and managing the contest.

You can have a look at the original Contest in march 2010 at:

and at the contest followup in May at:

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If you also want to try some Hamster-customs please have a look at: or contact me directly.


  1. I love 'em both! I am really partial to that panda one though. ^_^

  2. Thank you very much for your comment, Tam! I´m glad you like those two guys!