Sunday, May 9, 2010

Custom by Rob Losito (smack6102) Part II

I was wondering how much potential sticks within a small figure. The more I´m wondering how much potential sticks in this gentle guy who says not to ba a customer but trying..

Hamster with light and wheels as we get in our second post about Rob looks great and idividual. Please keep in mind we´re posting these pictures as a sneak peak not as finished customs, to give you a look into the designer´s laboratory.

In late April Rob sent us some photos of the already colored HAMBOT. Rusty and metallic paintings have been added.

I´m really appreciated by the emails and photos been sent already and I´m curious about what´s coming next.

If you also wanna give it a try with an Urban Hamster please contact us at

Thank you for the photos Rob, hope to see some more soon :)

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